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What is Alpha Tau Omega?

Alpha Tau Omega is America's Leadership Development Fraternity. We strive to develop leaders at the Gamma Omicron Chapter. To find more about our history click here.

How many active members are currently apart of the chapter?

There are currently 102 active members of the Gamma Omicron Chapter. Many live at our house located at 314 N. Russell St, but we also have many brothers who live off-campus and in university housing.

How will rushing ATO affect my academic experience at Purdue?

Here at ATO, we strive to create an environment rooted in academic excellence for all our members, and that includes our potential new members during rush. With active members studying a wide range of majors, many past rushees have had access to upperclassmen information and mentorship regarding academics, as well as getting to know brothers who share the same classes as them. Our last two pledge classes have had an average GPA of 3.45, so it may be said that rushing ATO may improve your academic experience due to the unique resources and information available to you coming from ATO brothers.

How much are dues and what do they go for?

Dues change from year to year for various reasons, but one could expect them to be anywhere from $400 to $800 per semester. Dues go towards our developed budget, which includes things like formal events, philanthropy events, IM participation, house improvements, and Brotherhood events.

How much does it cost to live in?

For 2020-2021 school year, it cost Brothers $7,000 for the academic year ($3,500 per semester) , with many flexible ways to pay.

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