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Joining a fraternity may be one of the best decisions you can make to enhance your college experience. It is an environment focused on making members future leaders; an environment where people of many different lifestyles and cultures are given a place to grow as individuals. Fraternity life allows you to grow your network and meet new people on campus who always have your back whether you are at a high or low point in your life.

Known as America's Leadership Development Fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega strives to make ourselves better leaders in every way possible, both in and out of the fraternity. Many of the day to day operations at ATΩ are student-lead, and many of our members are involved in and hold leadership roles in other organizations around campus. Whether that’s through various major-specific organizations, to ROTC, to Grand Prix, our members strive to be heavily involved on Purdue’s campus and be a part of something bigger than each of us.

Scholarship is something the is taken seriously at ATΩ, especially here in West Lafayette where students receive some of the best education college has to offer. As much fun as college can be, we all come to get a degree in our pursuit to change the world and make it a better place. We have everything from study groups, to a library full of successful alumni’s textbook and notes, to scholarships rewarding academic success. Here at ATΩ, fraternity life will never be a barrier to your academic pursuits

While leadership and scholarship are key to the culture here at ATΩ, we also like to take some time off academics and participate in social and philanthropy events. Whether that’s the annual PUG TUG, a philanthropy event benefiting a local dig shelter in Lafayette, to Brotherhood events where we all partake in an activity such as paintball or basketball, to formal where our brothers spend a weekend away from Purdue to explore surrounding cities, and everything in between. We constantly spend time and enjoy each other’s company. Finding a balance between academics and a social life is key for a person’s growth as we become prepared for future work, families, and responsibilities, and here at ATΩ we provide our brothers different experiences in a non-academic environment to facilitate that balance and growth

No matter where you are from or what language you speak, or your opinions on pineapple pizza, we are always looking for men of good character to join our brotherhood. Joining ATΩ is more than just being apart of an organization. Its getting to know your future best man. Your future neighbor. Your future buddy that you take family vacations with. We hope you’ll get to know us, as much as we hope to get to know you!

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