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February 2018 Newsletter

Looking Back to 2017

The year of 2017 was an exciting year for the Gamma Omicron chapter here at Purdue. The peak of the year was when our house was named the Greek Cup Champions at the Purdue University Dance Marathon, for outstanding participation within the organization and lead was a huge step in the right direction for our house, and we hope to see continued growth this year.


Looking Forward to 2018

2018 is already off to a great start. Classes are already in full swing. With the prospects of the upcoming year, the Gamma Omicron chapter has set goals to continue to set the standard of excellence in the categories stated above. We are already on track to accomplish our goals. To begin the spring semester, our chapter has concluded another fabulous round of recruiting. The spring class has 17 prospective members who in the near future could possibly be the leader of our fraternity. From the events we have planned to the other opportunities our members have, 2018 looks to be another great year for the Gamma Omicron chapter.


Upcoming Events

Alumni Day: April 7, 2018 As the semester comes to a close, We, the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Omicron, would like to invite you back to your alma mater for our alumni day. This will include a cookout at the house where current brother and alumni can spend time sharing their favorite memories from their time in our great fraternity. More details will come as the date approaches.


Grand Prix: April 21, 2018 After racing for the first time in over five years last spring, ATO Racing is going to be back on the track again on April 21 , 2018! Building on last year’s momentum, we are excited to be racing two karts to give more brothers this great Purdue experience. After getting over the hurdles of a restricted budget and tight timeline last year, we are excited to get both karts into the feature race and hopefully win the 61st running of the Purdue Grand Prix! If you would like to attend the race, learn more, or support the team, please reach out to our Crew Chiefs, Matt Butler and Cade Beers, at If you would like to get on the ATO Racing email list you can do so here.


Lolla-Tau-Looza (Signature event): April 22, 2018 Philanthropy means a lot to the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Omicron. Involvement on campus through philanthropic means has always been something we have looked for in our new member recruitment and something we strive to develop in the members that join. This semester we are hosting Lolla-Tau-Looza for Riley Hospital for Children with the ladies of Alpha Xi Delta. The event is a concert where we showcase the talents of some children from Riley and Purdue students. Food is provided and includes delicious homemade brisket, perfected by brother Ben Sadler and various sides such as mac & cheese. The date for the event is set at April 22nd when hopefully the weather will be kinder, and we can enjoy a relaxing sunny day.


Alumni Golf Outing: TBD Who doesn't love a good round of golf? This event gives the opportunity for current and past brothers of Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Omicron the chance to bond over a round of golf. Though this event is in the early stages of planning, it will likely occur in early to mid May. More details will come as the Semester continues. RSVP: RSVP Survey or Please direct question to

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